Displaying Sins like Sodom

“The expression of their faces bears witness against them. And they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it.” So says Isaiah 3:9. This passage came to mind as I watched a show involving all flavors on the LGBTQ menu.

I will spare you the vulgar, salacious, disgusting details. Suffice to say that in speaking of sexual relations between a transman, that is a woman seeking to be a man, and a gay man they spoke of who goes where, what goes where, and who does what to whom. How natural it sounded. There was no hint of shame or even that something might not be quite right. And when they spoke of their “issues” with family and friends, they listened and responded as if discussing something perfectly normal, natural, with no whiff of abnormality about it. Then I realized I’d been here before.

I had seen this shamelessness concerning flagrant sin before. The conversation, the dialog, even the vocabulary changed when discussing living together, It was no longer fornicating or even living in sin. “Are you going to ask her to move in with you?” As if this was no more sinful then asking her out to a movie. “When are you going to announce you’re living together?” As if it’s the equivalent of an engagement announcement. People testify to the normalcy of frequently fornicating with the same person by saying, “We’ve been married for 10 years but together for 15.” You can say that in all innocence meaning you went out for 5 years before marrying, but with those living in sin it’s a justification of their 5 years of living in sin. But then I realized I’ve been here before.

Growing up, I only knew of one divorce and it wasn’t talked of in normal tones or treated as normal. Now, “I’m with my mom this weekend,” or, “It’s my Christmas to have the kids,” is no more jarring – and it hasn’t been for 25 years – then, “I’ll be home this weekend;” or, “We’re having pizza tonight.” No suggestion of scandal or even sadness over something broken. Divorce is expected, normal, an ordinary part of life as are Significant Other, life partner, and gender neutral. In setting up my Roku TV, they actually gave me the option of “non-binary.”

That’s my real point. We’re going to be talking and more importantly thinking in terms of normalcy about the LGBTQ agenda items. This movement will roar like a wildfire through our society burning up every objection, rejection, and correction with the force of law and weight of moral rectitude that surrounds all racial issues, real and imagined. It will burn till everything is red save for our faces which will have forgotten how to blush over LGBTQ sins even as we have over the sins of fornicating and divorcing.


About Rev. Paul R. Harris

As of June 2019, Pastor Harris is an independent confessional Lutheran clergyman shepherding an independent confessional Lutheran church.
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