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Displaying Sins like Sodom

“The expression of their faces bears witness against them. And they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it.” So says Isaiah 3:9. This passage came to mind as I watched a show involving all flavors on … Continue reading

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Believing as Bludgeoning

To anyone who has memories of WW II and certainly those who remember the Depression, what is going on now probably seems like an overreacting at best or a “Chicken-littleing” at worst. People are definitely unnerved and some are undone. … Continue reading

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Warning Sevin Dust Needed

A Review Essay of The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims On the Way ©2011 by Michael Horton Introduction I keep corn for deer and hogs in my garage. I couldn’t figure out why  neither were stopping for it. … Continue reading

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