We’re Part of the 15% – A Letter to President Harrison

Well, it’s been over a year since our Voters Assembly sent President Harrison a letter calling for him to repent. We’ve heard nuttin’ from no one. I wrote to President Bohlmann in 1986 and he answered me personally. How far I have fallen! This letter, though largely authored by me, is really from Trinity Lutheran Church. I didn’t think any churchman, any true Seelsorge, could turn up his nose at a flock of sheep. Sure, maybe he could ignore one smelly shepherd, but not a whole flock. I was wrong. We are part of the 15% President Harrison refers to when he says 85% of the Synod can get along with our present doctrine and practice. I can’t. I predict 5% of the liberals can’t either, but I think 10% of the 15% Harrison is willing to lose will come from the confessional, liturgical side of things.






About Rev. Paul R. Harris

As of June 2019, Pastor Harris is an independent confessional Lutheran clergyman shepherding an independent confessional Lutheran church.
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