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The Shack – Don’t Leave With What You Didn’t Bring

The May 2009 Lutheran Witness has what the author claims to be a fair review of the blockbuster novel The Shack.  I claim the review is lame.  I can’t claim the novel is lame since I haven’t read it. My … Continue reading

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The Pyramid has Crumbled

Surely “someone’ wanted it to happen this way.  Defenders of the LCMS polity use the analogy of a pyramid standing on its tip.  The congregations are the base; the Synod is the tip.  Well, that pyramid has crumbled.

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Plain Label Christianity and Hall Monitors

There are hundreds of shampoos on the market; far too many to make any logical, rational, certain choice, so I choose one called “Generic Shampoo.”  There are hundreds of beers too.  All have competing claims and counter claims so I … Continue reading

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More on Kakistocracy

Kakistocracy is “government by the worst men in the state: opposed to aristocracy” (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, 995).  I believe in an earlier blog I made mention of this and how I perceived it to be true of all … Continue reading

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