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In the Year 2525

Here we are at the end of our Church Year and at the beginning of a new one, and I’m thinking about the year 2525. 

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“Stupid Boy”

I must be stupid. I thought “Stupid Boy” was song by a girl when it fact it is sung by a guy.  However, since that guy is Keith Urban, I can am excused for being justifiably confused, and believe it … Continue reading

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A Gospel Word from the Preacher of Vanities

It is fitting that this Gospel Word should come from a preacher (Ecc. 1:1).  He says, “What is lacking cannot be counted” (Ecc. 1:15).  Take it from one who has spent a ministry counting what was lacking: it is fruitless, … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Back In!

Walter Cronkite reports in his autobiography that he once went to Vietnam with former POW Senator John McCain to do a special story on his experiences there.  Cronkite says that nothing he or his staff did could induce McCain to … Continue reading

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