Batter Up!

America’s one-time favorite pastime started up again last week. They’re talking about pending rule changes. Balls and strikes called by AI; hey, in a badly called game you wonder if there is any intelligence at all. They’re talking about having a count on the pitch as you do on the shot in basketball. If you want to shorten the game, get rid of batting gloves. Continue reading

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Maybe Quantum Mechanics is On to Something

Stop right here. I’m no scientist. I don’t have a scientific mind or bent. I’ve never had one course in physics. You are free to go no further or to proceed to see if I make a fool of myself. If you read no further, I’m like Schrodinger’s cat. Continue reading

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Visit to a Missionary Baptist Church – They Got the Spirit Part Down

I believe this is from Luther on Worship or it may be from In the Name of Jesus. Jesus says worship must be in Spirit and in Truth. The latter tells us that true worship must be according to the Bible’s revealed truth. The former tells us true worship can’t be devoid of Spirit-driven feelings and emotions. St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church definitely has the Spirit part down.

I know what you’re thinking. How can they be Spirit-driven when they have decision theology, some name and claim it going on, and recognize no Means of Grace that deliver the Gospel? Continue reading

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Trivializing the Miraculous Mission

Below for you listening pleasure or discomfiture are the VBS songs the Missouri Synod’s publishing house is offering for it’s 2019 program: Miraculous Mission – Jesus Saves the World. CPH’s website devoted to this  says: “A Concordia Publishing House (CPH) we don’t need fairy tales to make VBS fun. God’s Word stands alone with real stories about real people” ( Apparently what it does need is cute, shallow, memorable ditties. Be sure to listen to the last too offerings. They are “From all that Dwell Below the Skies” and  “Jesus Shall Wher’er the Sun” to know what you will be singing in the LCMS circa mid-21st century. In the words of Melanie: “Ils ont chang? ma chanson Ma.” Their web page touts them as having “VBS with purpose.”  I quail at what that purpose it. Continue reading

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We’re Part of the 15% – A Letter to President Harrison

Well, it’s been over a year since our Voters Assembly sent President Harrison a letter calling for him to repent. We’ve heard nuttin’ from no one. I wrote to President Bohlmann in 1986 and he answered me personally. How far I have fallen! This letter, though largely authored by me, is really from Trinity Lutheran Church. I didn’t think any churchman, any true Seelsorge, could turn up his nose at a flock of sheep. Sure, maybe he could ignore one smelly shepherd, but not a whole flock. I was wrong. We are part of the 15% President Harrison refers to when he says 85% of the Synod can get along with our present doctrine and practice. I can’t. I predict 5% of the liberals can’t either, but I think 10% of the 15% Harrison is willing to lose will come from the confessional, liturgical side of things. Continue reading

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For Your Christmas Eve/Day Preparation – Danger Close

‘Danger close’ is what a solider radios to the fire control center if he is calling in artillery or an air strike on a position close to friendly troops. One of the items I share below can get a pastor blown up if used ill-advisedly. Continue reading

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We Have Only Just Begun to Redact

I don’t know how you feel about the removal of Confederate personalities from the pages of history and town squares of southern cities and commons of southern colleges, but it is proceeding apace. I am conflicted. Continue reading

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Blessing for A Confessional Pastor

The only blessing I know is the first stanza of the Irish one. Continue reading

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Message by Humanism; Music by Disney – Visit to a PCUSA

I know the acronym for Presbyterian Church USA is not PUKE but that’s how I have always thought and heard it. A visit to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas confirmed that this wasn’t a mondegreen on my part. Continue reading

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The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer – Visit to a Non-Denominational Church

If you’re a pastor who thinks what the world needs is another non-denominational church or your winning personality, give-up. Send them to Shoreline, Austin, Texas. They have a better sound system than any Dolby movie theater, as comfortable seating as any Continue reading

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