Antioch Community Church, the Parable of the Sower, and Pentecostalism

               I now know who is forking over 70 bucks to buy a shirt that looks good untucked. It’s the pastors of Antioch Community Churches. I virtually attended Antioch, Waco on 10-11-20 and Antioch, Bryan in person on 10-18-20. And every pastor I saw – and they have lots – save the female ones and there are lots of them too – wore the same uniform: untucked shirt, blue jeans – perhaps the skinny kind – and colorful tennis shoes. And that says something, but what?

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Oz, not the Doctor, and Bacon, not the Food

When teaching on the three ways Man tries to know the True God and fails, philosophy, mysticism, and moralism, I appeal to Oz and Zhivago. Perhaps I should substitute or at least add bacon to the latter.

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Why Missouri Will Never Move From the Fence

I don’t know the pastor who said this about me, but you do. He is all over the LCMS. He is a fence-sitter posing as pastoral, compassionate, Gospel-oriented to cover his ambiguous confession. I really don’t know the man, so I’m taking out any identifying characteristics of the email concerning him which another man I never met sent me.

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Of Killing Snakes and not Kids

               The story begins either with an outdoor writer, a district president, or a secretary but culminates with a journalist and an organist.

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Let us be Content With “Is”

               20th Century Confessional Lutheran theologian Sasse said that the offense that once rested on the Cross now rests on the Altar. What follows are quotes and thoughts collected from many sources over many years that help to retain and glory in the offense rightly.

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

You know the aforementioned  story. Here is the first salvo from me about the “new clothes” of psychotropic medicines and the profession behind them. I don’t think many pastors have read Prozac Nation, House of Cards, The Antidepressant Era, or The Crisis in Psychiatry and Religion, and Anatomy of an Epidemic. This last I didn’t read either; I had a son of mine do it for me. Below is a transcript of a 2010 NPR broadcast on this topic. Let’s hear from someone in the field about these things. WARNING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR THE ‘OTHERSIDE’ OF THE PSYCHATRIC DRUGS DEBATE READ NO FURTHER. I AM NOT EDUCATED, TRAINED, OR LICENSED IN THE FIELD OF PSYCHIATRY LET ALONE MEDICINE. YOU ARE FREE TO IGNORE ME AS A KOOK. CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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A Lion, an Ox, and a Warning, O My!

Dr. Horace Hummel has this story in his wonderful commentary on Ezekiel. He tells of the church in Nebraska where he spent his childhood. He describes the reredos having a statue of Christ flanked by Peter and Paul and accompanied by a lion and ox respectively reflecting the early association of Peter with Mark the Evangelists and Paul with Luke. He had many childish fantasies about those animals, but no one ever explained to him what those two animals were doing above the altar. Much later his own studies informed him.

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Something Better – visit to an Evangelical Lutheran Synod church

I’m conflicted. I reported on a virtual visit to an LCMS contemporary service. Today I report on a confessional Lutheran service. It was virtual too; virtually mind blowing.

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If Video Killed the Radio Star, What has the Internet Killed?

               The song “Video Killed the Radio Star” was the first video to be played on MTV when the network was launched August 1, 1981. And some pundits and prophets trace all sorts of developments or devolutions from this event. TV changed, songs changed, kids changed too. Kids have always been about music but when your eyes are tuned to a song, the message is mainlined.

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Sunscreen and Hunting

A dermatologist told me I should start wearing sunscreen when hunting. I tried it on several hunts and hated it. Why? It’s a mixed message. The distinct odor of sunscreen is evocative of beaches and salt spray, not vegetation and guns. Cordite is the smell for these. And if you smell those at the beach, hit the ground. Somebody is shooting something.

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