Trying not to be that Fish

                While saltwater fishing, If you see a feeding frenzy, you can be sure there are probably sizeable speck, reds, or other larger gamefish there. Underneath them, will be smaller fish feeding on the remains of the bait fish that the larger fish have torn to bits. I’ve seen small groups who have left bigger synods exhibit this same sort of behavior. Well, I don’t want to be that fish. Having left the LCMS, I don’t want to turn and feed on it’s detritus. And hear comes the but-

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The Cassandra Complex

I first mentioned Cassandra in a February 11, 2013 blog. In Greek mythology, she is given the power of prophesy by Apollo to win her love. When she cheats him, he turns this gift into a curse by causing her always to be right but disbelieved (Oxford Classical Dictionary, 211). This curse of Cassandra sums up the ministry the Lord gave Isaiah. “And He said, ‘Go, and tell this people: “Keep on listening, but do not perceive; Keep on looking, but do not understand”’” (6:9). This is the ministry of everyone in the office to some extent, and it is a burden that can lead to a sore than can lead to an abscess of the mind.

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The Visit I Didn’t Want to Make – Cowboy Church

I didn’t even want to write up this account of my 2019 visit to a Cowboy Church in Bryan, Texas. Continue reading

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Is what We Remember that Important?

“You don’t remember what your father said, but you remember what he did.” This was my first circuit counselor’s defense of deeds over creeds. He was a mid-50’s grad of the seminary. I was a new 1983 grad of the logical seminary, and I wondered did he know he Continue reading

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If You’re Going to Run Through the Bosporus Give Heed to CCR

This article was published in Christian News, June 8, 2020. I couldn’t find an online edition so I offer it here for those interested. Continue reading

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You Won’t Believe this Communion Statement!

I freely admit this is clickbait, but it’s also true. The following story shows how it’s possible to go from Closed to Communion to Open in less than a generation.

Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church was founded in 1985 by a Confessional Lutheran Continue reading

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Displaying Sins like Sodom

“The expression of their faces bears witness against them. And they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it.” So says Isaiah 3:9. This passage came to mind as I watched a show involving all flavors on the LGBTQ menu. Continue reading

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Believing as Bludgeoning

To anyone who has memories of WW II and certainly those who remember the Depression, what is going on now probably seems like an overreacting at best or a “Chicken-littleing” at worst. People are definitely unnerved and some are undone. Most people my age are more concerned about the economy and politics then they are with getting sick. Continue reading

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Warning Sevin Dust Needed

A Review Essay of The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims On the Way

©2011 by Michael Horton


I keep corn for deer and hogs in my garage. I couldn’t figure out why  neither were stopping for it. Then I discovered mealworms had gotten to the corn. They had eaten out the inside of the kernels leaving them intact on the outside, but empty of any nutritional value. Even a pig knew there was nothing worth eating in them. Consulting the all-knowing internet I found this was a common problem. The solution? Sevin Dust. Sprinkle around the bucket and on top of the corn. It works. There is helpful theology in Horton’s 1052-page tome, but being solidly old school, Calvinistic, Reformed theology there is more there that will eat the very heart out of Lutheran theology, its two chambers being justification and the Real Presence. If you want shorter, but accurate, Lutheran reviews of this book, see Dr. David Scaer’s 2012 book review here  . If you just want a pithy conclusion of Scaer’s it’s “Horton’s dogmatics shows that Lutherans and the Reformed live in different universes, not as allies but opponents” (188). You can read Wisconsin Synod’s Pastor Benjamin Tomczak’s 2015 three-page review at .

Perhaps a word is in order for how it is that I came to read this work. Continue reading

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Bucket Lists, Binge Watching, and Social Distancing

It’s intriguing how quickly people adopt the latest way of labeling something. It becomes a shibboleth to me gauging how close one is to the world around them. This may be too strident of a judgment, something Logia editors said about my writing, but it seem to me but one step away from saying there are 4 lights when I know there are 3 because someone demands I do so under duress. However, this is not about that but about the last term: Social Distancing. Continue reading

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