Warning Sevin Dust Needed

A Review Essay of The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims On the Way

©2011 by Michael Horton


I keep corn for deer and hogs in my garage. I couldn’t figure out why  neither were stopping for it. Then I discovered mealworms had gotten to the corn. They had eaten out the inside of the kernels leaving them intact on the outside, but empty of any nutritional value. Even a pig knew there was nothing worth eating in them. Consulting the all-knowing internet I found this was a common problem. The solution? Sevin Dust. Sprinkle around the bucket and on top of the corn. It works. There is helpful theology in Horton’s 1052-page tome, but being solidly old school, Calvinistic, Reformed theology there is more there that will eat the very heart out of Lutheran theology, its two chambers being justification and the Real Presence. If you want shorter, but accurate, Lutheran reviews of this book, see Dr. David Scaer’s 2012 book review here https://ctsfwmedia.s3.amazonaws.com/CTQ/CTQ%2076-1%2C2.pdf  . If you just want a pithy conclusion of Scaer’s it’s “Horton’s dogmatics shows that Lutherans and the Reformed live in different universes, not as allies but opponents” (188). You can read Wisconsin Synod’s Pastor Benjamin Tomczak’s 2015 three-page review at https://www.wls.wels.net/pilgrim-theology/ .

Perhaps a word is in order for how it is that I came to read this work. Continue reading

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Bucket Lists, Binge Watching, and Social Distancing

It’s intriguing how quickly people adopt the latest way of labeling something. It becomes a shibboleth to me gauging how close one is to the world around them. This may be too strident of a judgment, something Logia editors said about my writing, but it seem to me but one step away from saying there are 4 lights when I know there are 3 because someone demands I do so under duress. However, this is not about that but about the last term: Social Distancing. Continue reading

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Sword, Famine, and Coronavirus, O My

Read the 19 Bible passages below and tell me that the way of the world is not sword, famine, and pestilence? Christianity and Christians, historically, have stood out in times of pestilence. We were not the man who dressed like a woman to board the lifeboat on the Titanic which were for women and children first. One of the two films from the 50s did a good job depicting this real life event. It made me wonder at the time, circa 1967, would I be that “man”?. Continue reading

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Eight Months Out and Not Dead or Dying

A LCMS seminarian told me back in circa 2002 or so: You leave the Synod you die. That’s definitely what you’re led to believe by the churchmen and bureaucrats, who equate to Sauron and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings, and the bureaucrats are Saruman because they control all, move all, seduce all with their voice. Though they be many they speak as one; sort of like in 1984: Continue reading

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Nothing New Under the Sun

We think everything has changed with the advent of the Internet in the late 1997 and the Smartphone in 2007. No, the smartest man in the world said there was nothing new under the son, and this tidbit from over a 100 years ago will illustrate that. Continue reading

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If Righteousness Could Be Gained Through the Law – Visit to a Church of Christ

While attending that bastion of learning, Southwest Texas State University in the late 70s, I took a course for credit taught at a Church of Christ by a Church of Christ elder. It was notable in that he “proved” Jesus made no wine, drank no wine, and would never have used wine instituting the Lord’s Supper. He also “proved” the Bible never says that Jesus will set His feet on earth again. Continue reading

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Have a Good Game

I’m shutting the door to my study, on my way to conduct the Divine Service, preach the Word, and administer the Sacrament. One of my members, athletic himself with his kids in sports, says casually, “Have a good game.” He didn’t say this mockingly, sarcastically, or ironically, but sincerely the way you say it to one entering the arena, the lists, the field of battle. Continue reading

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Moving On

Nope this isn’t about the 1998 left-leaning organization formed to oppose the impeachment of Clinton. It’s about my sister. She goes to a large Midwest LCMS church in the Midwest. I first went to Lutheran school here at age 6. I fled to church in my second year of seminary when I confronted my pastor with his false doctrine from the pulpit. Continue reading

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I Know What Got Sodom So Pi**ed at Lot – Visit to a Metropolitan Community Church

P***ed is a vulgarism now accepted by society. There are some expressions the Army uses that are still vulgar and unacceptable to society. Nevertheless, they express accurately certain situations. And it’s accurate to say the people of Sodom were pi**ed at Lot; now I know why. Continue reading

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Adios LCMS

That’s the name for a file folder in my email for the last 2 ½ years. I wasn’t trying to be flippant, but it is. As of 12 September 2019 in the year of Our Lord, I am no longer a member of the church I was born into, baptized, confirmed, and ordained by (Here’s my letter: Continue reading

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