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Darwin Agrees with God!

I have proof that Darwin agreed with God – at least in one area. That of the worldwide Flood.  Okay that may be a stretch, but not much of one.

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Fear This?

Ebola is the sum of all current fears.  It’s zombies come alive; it’s the outbreak scenarios films have warned us of; it’s the pandemic Big Brother has promised is surely coming.  Be afraid; be very afraid.  We’re on the Eve … Continue reading

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Well at Least We’re not Debating Whether or not Jesus was/is Divine

Dr. Dale Meyer, current president of Concordia Seminary, relates that one of Dr. Dean Wenthe’s favorite stories was of a cab ride he shared with the president of another denomination’s seminary. Wenthe asked what the hottest debate was on his … Continue reading

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Self-Inflicted Wounds

William Manchester’s excellent memoir of the Pacific War, Goodbye, Darkness ought to be read by anyone who thinks he knows of the horrors of war or actually does know of them. He reports that shooting yourself in the foot was … Continue reading

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Good Thing He Didn’t Debate with an Obstetrician

Don’t go by this post because I don’t know how or where to look on the internet for accurate information on such things.  But my take is that in the great debate between Hamm and cheesy Bill Nye the Science … Continue reading

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Did You Hear the One About….

You hear these words and you get ready to laugh, don’t you?  Well did you hear the one about the evolutionist, the abortionist, and the gay activist?

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Deep Calls from the Shallows

Nietzsche said don’t stare too long into the abyss or you’ll find the abyss looking back at you.  Earlier I used this in reference to evil; here I use it of the things of God.

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Hating Hate Laws

“Don’t be a hater” is a popular expression among those current in pop culture’s lingua franca.

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The Quest for Holiness

I just finished reading The Quest for Holiness for the fourth time. I probably wouldn’t have ever read it once except that Doctor David Scaer wrote the foreword to the 1995 edition.  Each time I read it I like it; … Continue reading

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An Explanation of our Continued Dissent against Six Identified Errors in the LCMS

Our Statement of Confession, written by me and adopted by you, is really a copying of work done by others. This was a mistake. The virtue of our statement is that it is the only one I know of that … Continue reading

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