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As of June 2019, Pastor Harris is an independent confessional Lutheran clergyman shepherding an independent confessional Lutheran church.

The Truth About Grief – And Why It Won’t Matter

The Truth About Grief came on my radar in 2012. The book is an exposé of the myth perpetuated in the name of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. I first heard about it, I think, on NPR. It is well-researched and well-reasoned, and will … Continue reading

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Effeminacy and the Liturgy – Part II

This was first posted here on July 27, 2009, but I’m doing more than emphasizing. I’ve added more thoughts and documentation.

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Great Book Cheaply Bound

               Concordia Publishing House published the book (Dis)ordered: Lies about Human Nature and the Truth that sets us Free. This will upset many. The last point I record him as making does me. But overall Rev. Esget is that guy … Continue reading

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From Synod, to Corporation, to Bodily Function, to a Typo

               It starts with the synod not being a church. Congregational polity rules the day. Then the Synod incorporates and must function as one. Synodical president, District presidents, and even Circuit Counselors – oops now visitors – as officers of … Continue reading

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Danger – Close

(This is sermon I wrote in 1994. I had the secretary retype it in this format because if I did it, I would edit as I go. And I wanted you to hear it as I wrote it almost 30 … Continue reading

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Buy This Book

            In 1971 Abbie Hoffman’s book titled Steal This Book was published. It was a call and guide to “fighting against the man.” When I came to Trinity, Austin in 1999, Gene Veith’s Spirituality of the Cross was all the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Helen Andrews

This is another letter from the trashcan. This was about an article on pornography where the author placed blame squarely on Baby Boomers. I disagreed.

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“YouTube’s pre-eminent ‘Father Figure”

That’s what the dustjacket for Jordan Peterson’s 2018 bestseller 12 Rules For Life refers to him as. And if this really “is the voice of reason a generation has been longing to hear” better to be deaf.

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Brazos Fellowship – Having Church and Doing Worship

               Like all the Evangelical churches I have attended, it began with a 7-piece band doing a 3-song set. And the entire service could be summarized in the LCMS’ 1990’s giving campaign: His Love, Our Response. Evangelicalism to some degree … Continue reading

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Understanding Depression Through Love Sickness

               This is my third post on things psychological that I advise you not to read. This is not mainstream thinking. If that’s where you are, you will consider me nuts. Remember I claim no expertise in this field. I … Continue reading

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