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Deep Calls from the Shallows

Nietzsche said don’t stare too long into the abyss or you’ll find the abyss looking back at you.  Earlier I used this in reference to evil; here I use it of the things of God.

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Evolution and the Gay Rights Agenda

Does anyone know anyone who is for gay rights and against evolution?  How about for abortion and against evolution? How about for feminism and against evolution?

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A Non-Compete Clause

We don’t have non-compete clauses among pastors, but perhaps we should in our own heads because there ain’t no way I’m competing with this Missouri Synod church.

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Pietism in Law and Gospel

As promised months ago, here are things I think ought not to be said or reflect incipient pietism in Walther’s Law and Gospel. This is not to say that the book ought not to be read.  I have read it … Continue reading

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