“I Believe because it is Absurd.”

I think the Reverend Doctor James Voelz’s book What Does this Mean? which heralds itself as an answer to interpreting the Bible in these postmodern times is a concession to them. I think the 2nd century Tertullian had more of an answer than the 21st century Voelz with his words that I am using for my title. Continue reading

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Following St. Francis’ Play Book

There was a cartoon a long time ago which showed the Hand of God reaching down to a football huddle. The caption was, “It looks like Concordia is getting a play.” I think the current LCMS regime is getting theirs not from above but from the across the sea, the holy see of Rome. Continue reading

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A Barber, a Profligate, and the Devil

What do a barber, a profligate, and the Devil have in common? Tragic death and enormous guilt.  Continue reading

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Visit to a Pentecostal Church (and all Contemporary Ones?)

A mentor in the ministry told me that on vacation he attended the services of other denominations just to be sure that what he said they taught they still did. Well this Pentecostal church didn’t teach classical Pentecostalism but what all contemporary churches, Lutherans included, do. And that ain’t much. Continue reading

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They Would See Me, Not

It’s a delightful text where the Greeks come, without bearing gifts I might add, saying, “We would see Jesus.”  Every pastor ought to know that some pulpits have a plaque or an engraving that only the pastor can see quoting this verse. Yes, the people, the sheep would see Jesus but way too often they have seen me, and worse yet, that’s what I thought they needed to see! Continue reading

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Don’t Bother Me with the Facts; I want Fads

Everyone knows the joke about the person who does not want to be “bothered” with the facts. A January 20, 2014 Time magazine article is startling in its honesty that people aren’t interested in facts but fads….This from a magazine I would say is a major player in ginning up fads, but perhaps I err. Continue reading

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How can I, except some man should guide me?

That’s the Ethiopian treasurer’s response to Philip’s question as to whether he understands the Scripture that he is reading, and that is my response to the situation a Confessional Lutheran church finds itself in today. Continue reading

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Ask your pastor if Communion is right for you

            If the church approached Communion like the pharmaceutical industry approaches medicine, there would be a less problems. For one, there would be no assumption that Communion is open to all and therefore only the unloving try to regulate access. Continue reading

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If Evolution is True…

If evolution is true why isn’t the Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine used in the study of medicine?  Wouldn’t that make sense? If man evolved from animals, then there should be lots of insights from the study of lower forms of life, at least mammals. And the one right before man should be a gold mine. O that’s right; we have no idea which animal that was or it is so far in our distant past that we have no access to it. Continue reading

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My Spirit Rejoices Regardless of Who Said It

At the most recent ACELC conference I met a layman. I will call him Leon for that is his name and he would not shrink from being identified.  He was at a conference recently where the Reverend Doctor Jeffery Kloha was taking his view of the New Testament text to the layman. Leon was not pleased. Continue reading

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