There is such a word.  Merriam-Webster online defines it as follows: with “womanly constancy or spirit.”  I couldn’t find the word at all in my 1973 Macmillan Dictionary or in my 1983 unabridged Webster’s.  Methinks this is another word made up by the feminists under the banner of equal rights, but the closest synonym in these dictionaries to womanfully is womanish.  Most women would consider it an insult to be called womanish. To be described as womanly or feminine or ladylike is not. But if you call a female “a princess” or “a girly-girl” you crossed over again to the insulting. Continue reading

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Chances Are

            In the late 1950s Johnny Mathis sang “Chances Are.”  I’ve never liked that song.  Though it ends with the line “The chances are your chances are awfully good!” I always thought there shouldn’t be that much chance connected to that much professed love. Continue reading

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Faithless in Big, but Faithful in Little?

The LCMS, Inc. or some such entity connected with this behemoth wants to do for your church’s finances what LCMS, Inc. has already done to your doctrine. Don’t let them. Continue reading

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Just like China and North Korea

“You’re just like China and North Korea” is what those promoting the gay agenda say to Christians who don’t want their marriages gay or their children propagandized.  And you know what? They’re wrong; we’re worse. Continue reading

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Darwin Agrees with God!

I have proof that Darwin agreed with God – at least in one area. That of the worldwide Flood.  Okay that may be a stretch, but not much of one. Continue reading

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Alone Again UN-naturally

In the 70s or perhaps 80s, the saying was don’t let your kids watch TV till they have learned to read.  I added in the 90s don’t let your kids get a computer till they have learned to think.  I now add don’t let them get a cell phone till they have learned to be alone. Continue reading

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2,000, .32 cents, and More

“Seven Pounds” was the name of a 2008 movie about a man who didn’t want to live anymore and wanted his heart to go to person needing it.  Figures can do more than inform they can crystallize.  When I saw that movie, I was struck by the fact that from a biological perspective all that keeps this body going is seven pounds of muscle.  My 2,000th sermon is another number that has crystallized things. Continue reading

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What Will We Try Next…

to win souls for Jesus?  I don’t know, but I’m willing to bet that whatever the Baptist, Presbyterians, on Non-denominationals do, we will soon follow. Continue reading

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The Word of Cambronne

I was hunting with my eldest son.  He happened upon a snake in tall grass.  Seeing it at the last second before stepping on it he sprang to one side, as only youth can do, yelled, “Snake!”, and as kind of afterthought said “the word of Cambronne.” Continue reading

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Higher Things Crucified

Don’t blame me for the title.  That was of Higher Thing’s choosing.  This article is not. Continue reading

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