What Will We Try Next…

to win souls for Jesus?  I don’t know, but I’m willing to bet that whatever the Baptist, Presbyterians, on Non-denominationals do, we will soon follow. Continue reading

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The Word of Cambronne

I was hunting with my eldest son.  He happened upon a snake in tall grass.  Seeing it at the last second before stepping on it he sprang to one side, as only youth can do, yelled, “Snake!”, and as kind of afterthought said “the word of Cambronne.” Continue reading

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Higher Things Crucified

Don’t blame me for the title.  That was of Higher Thing’s choosing.  This article is not. Continue reading

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What Did Stephen King Do?

This is a little embarrassing to speak of but the truth will out.  I saw Stephen King’s “Carrie” in November 1976.  This was after having completed the Army’s Airborne and Ranger schools.  The embarrassing thing is that it really scared me at the time. Of course, when you’re young and macho, you don’t admit that – at least not to others.  I have wanted to read the 1974 novel ever since to see if that would unnerve me too.  I just finished reading it, and it scared me even worse than the movie, but not for the reason you might think. Continue reading

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Fear This?

Ebola is the sum of all current fears.  It’s zombies come alive; it’s the outbreak scenarios films have warned us of; it’s the pandemic Big Brother has promised is surely coming.  Be afraid; be very afraid.  We’re on the Eve of Destruction. An editorial cartoon published 10/3/14 in The Austin American Statesman pictured Americans panicked by ISIS, Ukraine, the economy while behind them sneaked a big, black, ominous cloud of Ebola. I’m making the opposite point. Continue reading

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Closed versus Close

I recently listened to an excellent presentation by a brother in the ministry on this topic.  He gave it to his circuit.  He went over the history of these two words and how they jumped from the Baptist to the Lutherans and how they once were considered synonymous now they are not.  Close is used to save the conscience of the pastor practicing open Communion to the delight of his flesh and the satisfaction of his unfaithful people. Continue reading

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You Could Learn a Lot from a Dummy

This post takes its title from the 1980s’ U.S. Department of Transportation ad campaign to get people to wear seatbelts.  They showed you a crash using test dummies and then this tag line.  In the 1990s Big Brother gave up making nice and revealed the iron fist behind the velvet glove.  “Click it or ticket.” Put it on or pay up.  It’s ironic, perhaps moronic, that I sitting in a 4,000 pound automobile surrounded by metal and air bags must wear a seatbelt but the guy on the less than 1,000 pound motorcycle surrounded only by air doesn’t have to wear a helmet. You think I’ve digressed, but it’s not nearly as far as you think. This post is about learning from dummies.

Continue reading

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The Big Purple Dinosaur Promise

I was sent the following by a brother pastor. It was used at the Call service at St. Louis. He thinks it was driven by the candidates not the faculty. If so they’re probably not ready for their first Calls. Continue reading

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It’s the Opposite of the Wizard of Oz

The ears of the people are often holier than the lips of the priests said either St. Hilary or St. Bernadine or both, but just as often are their lips smarter. It started with an incomplete digression of mine concerning veiling Communion elements and crosses and how the veil functions differently in each case. Continue reading

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Much Ado about Something

I referenced in an earlier blog post Dr. Dale Meyer’s article “Pedagogy for a Politicized Church” in the Winter 2014 Concordia Journal, pp. 6-13.  He references there a report to the 2010 convention that said the task force involved repeatedly “heard that the problem of disharmony is the LCMS is primarily a clergy problem” (6), and I believe it. Continue reading

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