Like Shepherd and Sheep to Slaughter

Theodore Roosevelt was running for governor of New York. He had gained renowned as the leader of the Rough Riders.  To energize his flagging campaign, he took along on his stump speeches veterans of that famous charge up San Juan Hill. At one of the stops a Rough Riders gave this as his endorsement of Roosevelt for governor: Continue reading

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Deep calleth Unto Deep

In 1981 I attended a Synod-sponsored introduction of the then “new” hymnal, Lutheran Worship. This is where we adapted the thoroughly inaccurate “And also with you” in mimicry of Rome. Our new, new hymnal Lutheran Service Book (How I wish they had named it Lutheran Book of Service. The acronym would have been priceless.) retained it saying that it was so popular now there was no way of going back. Rome about- faced easily enough in their new order. Give us another 20 years, and we probably will too. Continue reading

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Surprised by Surprised by Joy

I think I know why Surprised by Joy is not spoken of as much as other works by C. S. Lewis.  It’s his defense, apologetic, explanation, or toleration of homosexuality.  Having leveled such a charge I surely must put up or shut up. Continue reading

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Do I think we’re the only one’s going to Heaven?

We practice closed Communion not because we think we’re the only ones going to heaven but because there is only one way to heaven. Continue reading

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Was it ever really a laughing matter?

“Vice is a monster of so frightful mien / As to be hated needs but to be seen;/ Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, /We first endure, then pity, then embrace.” Alexander Pope wrote that in the early 18th century, but it seems we didn’t learn that lesson by the 20th century, and neither do I think we took that exact path. Continue reading

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You’re Standing in the Wrong Line

The Revered Doctor Norman Nagel was a pastor in post-WW II England. He said of those standing in line at churches to get help for physical needs that they were standing in the wrong line. That sounds harsh, but just because something sounds harsh or even is harsh doesn’t mean it is untrue.  Continue reading

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The Voyage of the Damned

This is the title of a 1976 movie and 1974 book based on a true WWII era event. A ship with over 900 Jews sailed from Germany to Cuba in 1939 because of the rising tide of anti-Semitism.  Cuba wouldn’t receive them neither would the United States. Eventually some European countries accepted some but the book suggests that some 600 ended up dying in concentration camps.  I pair this book with another written by Rev. Dr. John Warwick Montgomery titled Damned Through the Church.
Continue reading

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Ever learning, but…

You know when a person says something and then says “but” that he is about to modify, and usually in a bad way, what he has just said.  You would think “ever learning” has got to be a good thing.  Not so says St. Paul in 2 Timothy 3:7.  He speaks of those “ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” Continue reading

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Justin Long-Lived

That wasn’t his nom de guerre. Martyr was. There was a reason for that. He was an apologist not a satirist. About the same time Justin Martyr was making a defense for the Christian faith Juvenal was satirizing the Roman Empire. Justin was martyred for his apologetics; Juvenal might have been exiled, but he wasn’t murdered. I watched a Lutheran satire on Mormons.  It is spot on regarding the point of attack, but I still wish I hadn’t watched it.  Let me tell you why. Continue reading

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The Real Plasticity of the Text

The Reverend Doctor Jeffery Kloha has been pilloried for asserting the plasticity of the New Testament text.  I don’t agree in general with his paper that makes the argument and I don’t agree with how he reaches the following conclusion, but he is right.  People have a “plug and play” (My illustration and words not his.) mentality in regard to the Scriptures Continue reading

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