Your Sunday Best

One of my sons took his mother to a “Celtic Women” concert for Mothers’ Day. (In case you’re wondering, for Fathers’ Day, I got the stubs.) He called the concert venue and asked what the appropriate attire was and they responded without missing a beat. “Your Sunday best.” Today, in my experience, that is anything from suit and tie to flip-flops and shorts. Continue reading

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Being a Typewriter Repairmen in an Apple World

This is from the TV show Blue Bloods, season 4, episode 5, “Lost and Found.” A “whiskey priest” is speaking.  He has been a chaplain to the NYPD since at least 9/11 when he “worked the pile” with firemen and police. One of the priest’s cop buddies from that day recently killed himself. This has led to the priest getting a series of DUI tickets for which the department out of professional courtesy has let him skate. This time he has been in an accident while no one was hurt his behavior can’t be ignored. The police commissioner who “worked the pile” with him also knew the cop who committed suicide. He asks the priest why this one sent him over the edge. Continue reading

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Does the Koran Sanction Homosexuality?

You be the judge. Here’s what a book about the profligate, degenerated, proud pedophile William Burroughs says: Continue reading

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Choosing Barabbas

Barabbas was guilty of sedition, rioting, and murder, yet the Good Friday crowd chose him over the innocent Jesus.  Modern society would never do that, would it? Continue reading

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The Mother and Child Reunion

Obviously Paul Simon had mommy issues. “Mama looked down and spit on the ground every time my name gets mentioned.” “The first thing I remember, I was lying in my bed/ I couldn’t’ve been no more than one or two/ And I remember there’s a radio, coming from the room next door/ My mother laughed the way some ladies’ do.”  “The mother and child reunion is only a motion away.” But the lack of stability in the mother child relationship is not what puts the child at risk. Oh, it is according to Freud, and no matter how many times a psychologist, psychiatrist, or author tells you he is not Freudian he is. We all are, so pervasive has been his influence in all things American, but according to the Bible lacking a mother figure is not what puts a child at risk. Continue reading

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“I Believe because it is Absurd.”

I think the Reverend Doctor James Voelz’s book What Does this Mean? which heralds itself as an answer to interpreting the Bible in these postmodern times is a concession to them. I think the 2nd century Tertullian had more of an answer than the 21st century Voelz with his words that I am using for my title. Continue reading

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Following St. Francis’ Play Book

There was a cartoon a long time ago which showed the Hand of God reaching down to a football huddle. The caption was, “It looks like Concordia is getting a play.” I think the current LCMS regime is getting theirs not from above but from the across the sea, the holy see of Rome. Continue reading

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A Barber, a Profligate, and the Devil

What do a barber, a profligate, and the Devil have in common? Tragic death and enormous guilt.  Continue reading

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Visit to a Pentecostal Church (and all Contemporary Ones?)

A mentor in the ministry told me that on vacation he attended the services of other denominations just to be sure that what he said they taught they still did. Well this Pentecostal church didn’t teach classical Pentecostalism but what all contemporary churches, Lutherans included, do. And that ain’t much. Continue reading

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They Would See Me, Not

It’s a delightful text where the Greeks come, without bearing gifts I might add, saying, “We would see Jesus.”  Every pastor ought to know that some pulpits have a plaque or an engraving that only the pastor can see quoting this verse. Yes, the people, the sheep would see Jesus but way too often they have seen me, and worse yet, that’s what I thought they needed to see! Continue reading

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