“These are Men Who Jump and Die”

For weeks, maybe months, in 1966 while my mom was shopping for groceries I was at the soda fountain in the Muir’s drug store with my father listening as Barry Saddler sang the “Ballad of the Green Berets.” One of the lines is “These are men who jump and die.” But the times are a changing. Now you have to sing, “These are men and women who jump and die.” Continue reading

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Let’s Have a 100% Participation

That’s what a postcard from LCMS, INC. HQ said.  And they even quoted the Bylaw, emphasis on the second syllable, which says this really isn’t a “let us” but a “you had better.” Continue reading

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Boom! Changes Everything

Fox has a new summer show titled Boom! and does it change everything? No, it shows everything really has changed. Continue reading

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The Dark Half

Those who know say you should always use some sort of visual for a blog. They get more hits.  I don’t because I don’t know how, and don’t care enough to learn. That is the Luddite me at his worse. A better way to look at blog “art” is as marginalia. Sure maybe no monk labored months drawing them, but they do say something about the overall work. Continue reading

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I’m NOT Looking for Something in Green

There is a song from 1990 by Lorrie Morgan and it’s worth listening to. “I’m looking for something in Red” is the title, but the second stanza is what I write of. It goes. “I’m looking for something in green/ Something to outdo an ex-high school queen/ Jealousy comes in the color of jade/ Do you have some pumps and a purse in this shade/ And a perfume that whispers “Please comes back to me”/ I’m looking for something in green.” Continue reading

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History in the Making

Have you noticed how many people get their history from the History Channel?  Isn’t that a bit like getting sex from the Playboy Channel? Continue reading

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The Road to Perdition is Paved by Antichrists

I feel sorry for the LGBT community – if “community” is what a group of people who prey on each other sexually can be called. Right up till June 26, though we celebrated them in song and on screen, though we revered them as downtrodden, our society didn’t legitimize homosexuality. With gay marriage being the law of the land, we have both redefined marriage and recognized homosexuality as normal. Pigs now fly; fish now drown, and the last barricade on their road to perdition has been taken down. Continue reading

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Lutheran Hour Ministries Wants to Connect You with Their Lutheranism

Lutheran Hour Ministries has developed an adult instruction course to connect you to their vision of Christianity. The course is titled “God Connects – A Course in Christianity.” It’s a 12 part course, and it is better than the 4 – 8 hour one day classes offered in my area. It may even be better than CPH’s Lutheranism 101 which aims to be more popular than confessional. But like the latter it tiptoes around the fellowship issue. They mention close and closed Communion – equating the two – but at the end of the day they are vague about how those who don’t confess the same faith are not to commune together or how it is impossible to hold contradictory faiths. Here are their own words. Continue reading

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A Letter NOT from the Trash Can

Not all my letters end up in trash cans. I ran across this one from 1999 which Logia did publish. Continue reading

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The Body for the Body

I haven’t been satisfied with how liturgical worship has been defended, and I think its detractors, rather successfully, have been using Colossians 2: 16 to paint it with the same brush Paul used to paint Old Testament ceremonies. Continue reading

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